AgencyIQ Launches All-New Personalized Dashboard

Gaurav Agrawal

Product Lead, AgencyIQ

AgencyIQ is pleased to announce the launch of our all-new personalized dashboard, designed keeping our users in mind. Guided by our core mission of helping regulatory professionals stay on top of latest developments, this dashboard is aimed at making monitoring of modern regulatory environment simpler, quicker and less-cluttered.


Why we built this dashboard:

In the United States, the journey of an experimental drug from laboratory to the market is about 12 year-long on an average. Despite that, only 1 in every 5000 actually makes it to the store shelves. This puts regulatory professionals within Pharmaceutical and Medical Device organizations at the forefront, to ensure that the product development is aligned with company’s overall strategy.

To achieve these goals, Regulatory Affairs teams consume, analyze and absorb vast amount of information, to decipher and predict regulatory changes. Our personalized dashboard is designed to make all of this less time-consuming by giving you a bird’s eye view of everything happening around FDA and beyond.

What you can do with this:

AgencyIQ’s new dashboard adopts a modular design to give users a quick, real-time snapshot of important intelligence:

  • Analysis/News: Here you’ll find all the insightful research & analysis published by our team of experts, having years of experience in research and industry. You’ll also find news and story headlines aggregated from 14+ sources including Pink sheet, RAPS Focus, Reuters, Endpoints news and many others.
  • Twitter feed: Here you’ll see tweets from 30+ Twitter accounts that are relevant for life sciences regulatory professionals, all in one place.
  • Events: We also include all the meetings published on FDA website in a calendar view – so you’ll never miss an important event.
  • Rules/Guidance: Here you’ll see all the new rules and guidance documents published by the FDA, along with your tracked regulations.

Additionally, users can also utilize platform’s Machine Learning capabilities to filter out the noise and see content that matters the most. Simply set the topics you’re interested in on settings page, and turn on “recommended content only” filter. When the toggle is on, the platform will also surface content similar to what you routinely read.

How to start benefiting from this:

It’s just a three step process:

  • Login to
  • Set your preferences on the settings page, if you have not already.
  • Start tracking rules to get notifications when anything changes within that regulation’s process.