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Jan. 03, 2024

AgencyIQ’s premier regulatory intelligence platform for the life sciences and chemical industries provides regulatory professionals with the information they need to stay one step ahead on regulation changes.

The in-depth research provided by the AgencyIQ research team helps make the complex world of regulation much easier to understand for subscribers, leading to improved outcomes, while tools like the Regulatory Explorer feature allow users to easily search for the latest and most relevant regulation. In addition to the analysis provided by the AgencyIQ research team, the platform simplifies and streamlines team workflow with a number of useful tools, all in one central location.

Below is a more detailed look at how AgencyIQ offers regulatory professionals a way to improve their team workflow, break down the barriers to information sharing, and stay up-to-date on the regulatory news they need to succeed.

Collections offer a seamless, unified teamwork solution

One of AgencyIQ’s key advantages for regulatory professionals is its ability to streamline collaboration within a single, unified hub.
The platform offers a centralized location for team members to search for and save critical information about regulatory news, analysis, related bills and documents. One of the ways this is accomplished is the ability to create and manage personalized Collections, as well as access Curated Collections. With these useful features, team members can create their own Collections to organize regulatory documents, legislation, important news, research, analysis and other content. Users can also take advantage of Curated Collections, which are organized and updated by AgencyIQ’s seasoned regulatory team on specific policy topics.

This makes it simple to source and share reliable and quality news, analysis, and research on regulations, keeping team members informed and aware of late-breaking updates. With its easy-to-navigate interface, the Collections feature also streamlines project management and gives teammates and stakeholders a centralized location to store and find all of the important content they need to stay one step ahead of the regulatory curve.

Stay in the know with tailored email alerts

AgencyIQ also makes it easy for teammates to stay updated on the latest news and information with tailored alerts and digest emails for both life sciences and chemicals that serve as a roundup of important content and breaking regulatory news. With these features, all team members can stay informed on key regulatory changes as soon as they happen, simplifying collaboration and ensuring that all of the key stakeholders have direct access to all of the information updates they need.

More specifically, users can set email notifications for citizen petitions, guidance documents rules, AgencyIQ analysis, and recommended analysis too, making it simple to receive timely and comprehensive information. Flexible notification options are available for users as well, giving them the choice to be informed “Immediately” of new updates so they can stay on top of critical, time-sensitive information. Or choose to receive “Daily” updates at 9am EDT every day so they can get a consolidated and comprehensive roundup of the previous day’s most important news. Legislative Tracker notifications are also available, making it easy to keep tabs on key legislation that impacts their industry.

Improve information sharing with other useful tools

In addition to these useful features, AgencyIQ provides additional tools to help simplify team workflow and aid in expanding access to key information. Simply share Collections and the platform’s in-depth research and analysis content via email. They can also stay updated on important regulatory meetings, hearings, conferences, and other happenings with the Events feature.
Taken together, these workflow and research tools help create a unified, centralized view for team members and stakeholders to break down silos and minimize information bottlenecking, making it much easier to collaborate and share critical news, analysis, and information.

Maximize AgencyIQ’s platform to streamline workflow

With its workflow streamlining and simplifying tools like Collections and custom email alerts, AgencyIQ provides a centralized, intuitive hub for regulatory professionals to collaborate on everything related to regulation. Combined with its in-depth analysis, Regulatory Explorer, and the Legislative Tracker available for life sciences, AgencyIQ is a must for professionals looking to simplify their understanding of the regulatory environment, access critical news and information, and boost collaboration.

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