EPA proposes ban on the consumer use and most industrial and commercial uses of perchloroethylene

The Environmental Protection Agency announced the proposed risk management rule for perchloroethylene (PCE) under the Toxic Substances Control Act. This proposal would prohibit all consumer uses, use in dry cleaning, and most industrial and commercial uses of PCE. Permitted uses would be subject to a workplace chemical protection program along with recordkeeping and downstream notification requirements. The rule also provides certain time-limited exemptions.

Identity and use profile of PCE (a.k.a. tetrachlorethylene)

EPA’s Use and Market Profile for Tetrachloroethylene describes PCE (CAS RN 127-18-4) as a colorless, nonflammable organic solvent used in a variety of applications, including aerospace applications, cleaning textiles in dry cleaning facilities, degreasing metal parts, and serving as a process solvent for desulfurizing coal.

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