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European regulators publish ambitious workplan to support the 10 priority areas of ACT EU

On August 30th, the European Commission, Heads of Medicines Agencies and European Medicines Agencies released a workplan to address the ten priority areas of the Accelerating Clinical Trials in the E.U. initiative, intended to make the region a better home for multi-national clinical trials. The workplan unveils a wealth of deliverables over the next two years that aim to support efficient multi-national processes with streamlined support from regulators.

ACT EU aims to address the paucity of multi-national clinical trials in the European innovative environment

  • The E.U. has an extensive life science research and healthcare sector to support innovation. The E.U. has a rich pharmaceutical industry that spent EUR 39 billion on research and development alone in 2020, according to an EFPIA report on its members’ expenditures. 

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